10 Saving Nature Tips

Saving Nature
Saving Nature Tips

1. Separate organic waste and inorganic waste

Get used to sort through the garbage of inorganic and organic anywhere to ease of waste treatment.

2. Reduce the use of inorganic materials

Get used to carrying a shopping bag itself, reduce the purchasing of goods in small units eg sachet of shampoo, detergent, and others.

3. Support local farmers

With the purchase of fruits, vegetables, meat and milk from local farmers near from our house, we save on fuel from the trucks carrying agricultural products was down to our house. 

4. Saver in the use of paper

Get used to using paper on both sides. 

5. Saver in the use of water and fuel

Fuel oil will someday run out of this world and so far the development of alternative energy sources is still in its early stages of the experiment. 

6. Saving in electricity usage

Get used to minimize the use of electricity from 5 pm until 10 pm, so the time burden of electricity usage. Most of the electrical energy in Indonesia is obtained from petroleum, so the low-power = fuel-efficient 

7. Be a pioneer environment

The world is being threatened by global warming and climate change very fast. To prevent this, we need not wait for others to move, but we can start from ourselves.

8. Join environmental organizations

Join environmental organizations would be fun. You can save the world

9. Do not dispose of litter, especially in ditches and streams

Get in the habit of living organized. Dispose of garbage in any place will eventually flow into the gutter, next to the river and ends at sea. Sea instead of toilet waste. You already know the impact? 

10. Each of us keep at least one tree.

We breathe oxygen and release carbon dioxide, instead of trees in photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. me break-even at least we are planting and care of a tree. 

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